Tips and Advice for Guys While Dating Indian Women

Assure the Indian woman that you will be able to care for her in all walks of life, and ensure that you follow this always.

Be genuine to yourself and do not allow the surroundings to influence you. The surroundings can even be close family members.

Always be honest in expressing your views and feelings. You do not always have to give a “Yes” reply just to please the Indian woman you are dating.

If you are dating online, do not expect or pressurize the Indian woman to express everything about herself in just one or two interactive sessions. Allow her to start becoming comfortable with you, and reveal more about herself when she wants to do so.

During an online date, do not insist that the Indian woman reveal herself through a webcam if she does not want to do so. Give due respect to her privacy.

Respect the Indian woman’ family’s traditional values if they do not contradict with your own values. If the woman is from a very traditional background, this can go a long way in making your date successful.

Learn as much as you can about India, such as its widespread culture, languages and so on. Talk about these during your date and you may be able to impress your Indian woman.

Find out about interests, hobbies and the like of the Indian woman you are dating. Discuss about these to her during your date. But, remember not to discuss only these every time during a date, as this can make the date a boring experience for both of you.

Be bold and yet gentle. Indian women prefer men of substance rather than those who love to brag about themselves.

When you want to praise an Indian woman for her beauty, do not say this loudly as it can make her feel uncomfortable. This should be done in a very subtle manner.

You can also consider talking to your friends who have had successful dates with Indian women. Discuss with them about what tips they followed. Also, try to find out the mistakes they committed and how to avoid them with your date.

However, once again remember that the suggestions that your friends help you with, may or may not work well with the Indian woman you are dating. Remember to use your own sense of judgment when such situations arise.